Campus Tour


The Front View and Back View of the Administrative Building. This building houses the Office of the President of Cuttington University, The Finance Office, The Human Resources Director's Office as well as Offices for The Vice President of Administration and the Vice President for Academic Affairs amongst others.


The "A Building" (Left) as it is commonly known as includes the Registrar's Office, MIS Director's Office, and Internet Cafe for students, LAN Administrator's Office, the Book Store, as well as some classrooms.

The Epiphany Hall (Right) is probably the oldest building on Cuttington Campus and it is the official place of worship for administrative staff and students who wish to. It is also used as a place for hosting other programs that are in the interest of the institution.


Dual views of the Science block. This area provide operational space for the Nursing College, College of Education, the Museum, Offices for staffs and internet labs for both staffs and students as well as other classrooms for nursing and other students of various disciplines.


A Monument (Left) instituted by the Senior Class of 2009 in honor of Cuttington University and the Palaver hut that was built by CUSA (Cuttington University Student Association).

The Student Center (Right) is the official seat of the student's government. It is also a place of other activities regarding recreational and social activities for Cuttington students.


The Cafeteria (Left) as the name describes, is the place where students who pay for it, are served meals three times daily. It can also be used as a place for hosting other programs for students and staffs including; Tea Parties, Dinners, etc.

Harris Hall (Right) is officially a dormitory for male students either of Junior or Senior status. Harris Hall is one of the oldest dormitories on Cuttington Campus.


The Graduation Stand (Left): This is where annual graduation and baccalaureates are held. The registration process per semester and vacation school is also carried out under this stand. It is also the place for regular student activities like debates, meetings, church service and for quiet time.

The Library (Right) is where young scholars of Cuttington University go to explore worlds of information as with regards to their studies. It includes a resource center where students tap into the cyber universe for information that can sometimes be beyond the scope of the library.


The Museum (Left) contains historical artifacts telling stories of our History. This is honestly an area within Cuttington University that is in need of some serious upgrading. Ideas and Financial Resources are therefore welcomed by the institution.

The "H Building" (Right) as it is commonly known, is the Department of Humanities and Social Science. It houses classrooms for Business and Economic students, offices for faculties, Music Room that is most often used as a classroom and it is also the residence of the Cuttington University Radio and TV station.


The Natural Science building (Left) is the department of Natural Science. It houses offices for faculties and researchers as well as classrooms and the theatre which is most often used as a classroom.

The EcoBank (Right) is the only bank on Cuttington campus. It is a fully functional bank with nothing less than competent staffs. Students can make payments to Cuttington University through this bank.

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