Colleges & Departments

Academic Colleges & Departments of Cuttington University

The College of Education

Under this college, educational courses are handled. They include lesson planning, class room management, class programming, etc. This college is comprised of several programs that offer degrees in primary education, secondary education, social studies, history, etc.

College of Agriculture and Integrated Rural Development Studies

The college offers two basic programs: one is the program which teaches and awards degrees in various areas of agriculture such as horticulture, agronomy, soil science, etc. Additionally, the college offers degrees in integrated development studies.

Human Resource Department

The Human Resource Department at Cuttington is responsible to hire, issue contracts, and do general management of personnel files. This department works under the supervision of the President's Office.

The Service Learning Department

This department is charged with the task of ensuring that students get involved in service to community. The department was envisioned as part of an interactive and collaborate arm of the university that allows students to practice what they learn in the class room and at the same time serve as an avenue for students to work along with the community to improve its welfare.

The Agape Clinic

Cuttington University runs a clinic that serves two distinct purposes. Its serves as a learning laboratory, where students in the College of Nursing do their practical. In addition, the clinic is used as a health facility that caters to the clinical needs of patients who include students, staff and other employees of the university, as well as patients in the nearby communities.