Contact And Links Information

Contact by Email

Office of the President –

Administrative Assistant Helen Kammue 0886-689-322


Office of Development, Alumni and International Relations

Lovette Tucker, Director – 0886-510-301


Office of Information Technology

Anthony Siakor, Director – 0886-416-253


Human Resources Department

Christopher Senkolo, Director – 0886-449-774


Office of Public Relations

Dr. Giddings, Vice President – 0886-552-536


Cuttington University Graduate School

Dr. Frederick Gbegbe, Vice President



Cuttington University Junior College

Jerome N.J. Clarke, Coordinator – 0886-438-274


Office of Administration

Jackson T. Dumoe, Administrator – 0886-414-235


Cuttington University Broadcast System

Malam Kaitibie, Manager - 0886-929-798


Dean of Student Services

David Morris – 0880-809-304


Security Department

Col. Morris Zoeduwah, Chief of Security – 0886-620-278


Office of Academic Affairs

Administrative Assistant Janjay Bemon – 0886-426-746


Registrar’s Office

Tom G. Koenig Jr – 0886451-681


College of Theology

Fr. James. S. Tamba, Dean - 0886-812-845


College of Natural Science

Mr. John S. Gbakolay, Dean - 0886-0886-340-866


College of Business and Public Administration

Mr. Charles Mattia, Dean - 0886-992-752


College of Agriculture and Integrated Development Services

Dr. Charles Mulbah, Dean- 0886-453-049


College of Education

Mr. Dickson J.S. Rogers, Dean


College of Liberal Arts,

 Mr. John Gormuyor, Dean- 0886-539-041


College of Nursing

 Mr. Joseph Gono, Dean - 0886-542-420


Service Learning

Hilary Collins, Director - 0886-415-209


Africana Museum

Dr. Amos M.D. Sirleaf , Director - 0880-313-111


Institute of Peace and Reconciliation Studies

Dr. Joseph Guannu, Dean – 0886-556-988


G.Y.F. Genegbanyan

            Director, French Department



Contact by Phone

+231-6-532130 (President's Office)

+231-6-515424 (Monrovia's Office)

+231-6-360948 (Registrar's Office)

+231-6-956598 (Finance Office)

+231-6-416253 (IT Office)


You can also contact Cuttington University in the United States through;



The Episcopal Church of LIberia

Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion (CUAC)

Cuttington Alumni Association in the Americas

Tufts University