Financial Costs & Scholarships 2011/2012

Finance Office The office in charge of all monetary transactions at Cuttington University is the Finance office. It is engaged in the processing of all requests, approval and disbursement of cash for the various departments of the university. Along with its other duties the Finance Office traditionally handles allocations and transactions processing, and harmonizes all the respective financial functions of the university. This financial oversight brings the office to serve as the evaluator of all contracts, projects, and expenditures. In fact, this office works directly under the umbrella of the President's Office and at the same time maintains its unique role as a check and supporting arm to protect, assess and record all properties/assets of the university.

2011/2012 Semester I, II Tuition and Fees





Tuition per Credit Hour




Semester Requird Fee


Boarding Students

Dormitory Fee


Semester Transfer fee(Overseas Student Only)





Tuition Payment Plan

60% of Tuition Plus all fees During Registration

40% Before Midterm Exams

Meal Payement-----1th US$ 140.00 at Registration and 2nd US$ 140 Before Midterm Exams

Late Registration fee of US$25.00 Will be paid by Student Registering after the Official Date of Registration

Other Important Information
Science Lab (Chemistry, Physics, & Biology)                                                  US$25.00 per Lab
Nursing Lab/clinical course                                                                                 US$30.00 per Clinical
Service Learning, Agriculture, Computer Science                                               US$25.00 per lab
Special Meal plan for off campus students                                                       US$325.00
P. E. T-shirt                                                                                                                  US$5.00

Students are required to meet up with the 100% payment of tuition and fees prior to the Midterm Exams (Nov. 14-18, 2011)

Payment of tuition & fees can be made in Liberia at ECOBANK Acct. # 001-101-4700-269-602.

For information on payment of tuition and fees in the USA, click here.


Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Financial Aid Program at Cuttington University includes scholarships and work grants. Aid is also provided
by individuals and organizations in and out of Liberia. Assistant may be given by the donor directly to the
student of his/her choice or to the university. Funds donated to the University for Scholarships are administered
by the scholarship committee to students on the basis of academic merit and financial need.
Any student who has completed a semester at Cuttington may apply for a work-grant scholarship. Recipients
are required to work where the university needs them most. Applications can be made to the Work-Aid

Types of Scholarships

Private Citizens, business agencies, association, and philanthropists make scholarships available to students of
Cuttington. The donors select the candidates in consultation with the scholarship committee. These scholarships
1. Cuttington University’s work Scholarship Grants
2. The President Scholarship
3. Kpazawala Ballanyan Foundation in the U.S.A.
4. Individuals
5. Ministry of Education
6. Churches in the U.S.A.
7. Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion (CUAC)
8. Liberian Education Trust (LET) for women and girls only
9. Others

You can also download the Tuition Breakdown for keeps.