The Office of the Dean of Students

Student Services at Cuttington University

All students' records are kept by the Office of Student Services.
This responsibility encompasses dormitory, meal, behavioral, and non-academic records.
Under the realm of extracurricular activities, the Dean of Student Services Office is responsible
to accredit all campus-based organizations, maintain standing norms of proper behavior on campus
through the application of the Student Handbook, and regulate or conduct orientation, hearing
and resolution of cases involving students.

The Deans' office also facilitates interactions, exchanges, and programs wherein students are fully incorporated into the various aspects of campus life. To ensure their easy accommodation in campus life, many activities are sanctioned by the Dean's office. Chapel services are ordered every Thursday, meals are served students thrice daily, sporting facilities such as football, basketball, etc. are made available to students; and the Students Center serves the diverse needs of all students.

At this center, students can make use of top-rate services. They can type term papers,
play pool, watch movies and view programs on channels that carry sports and other informative, entertaining milieu from across the globe. While they do these things, they can even relax and dine
on snacks at reasonable prices. The ideal, air-cooled facility with spacious seating, bathrooms, lend
itself to comfort and other social engagement among students. Accommodation for students in the
dormitories is also pleasant. With electricity and pipe-borne water, a typical dormitory consists of
bunk beds that provide access and space for students. These provisions blend with other amenities
such as a modern lobby, furnished with TV, which serves as a waiting and leisure area for students.
This place aids in melting away the boredom experienced by students, as it avails them the
opportunity to chat, play games, and see visitors.