Majors & Minors

As an advocator and a strong believer in a modernization paradigm, Cuttington University see the need to equip and fortify Liberians (especially the youth) in many desirable areas as possible to be capable of contributing meaningfully and effectively to the proper development of Liberia.
In accomplishing this, students have the opportunity to focus on a mean area of study (Major) as well as taking up emphasis in another area of study (Minor).

In some cases, students can specialize in two mean areas focus (Double Major).
Students will have to follow a certain pattern when selecting their majors and their minors, that is to say, every other area of study cannot just be a minor for another.
Students in the Natural Science College can focus only on disciplines within their college, the same applies to the Nursing College. This rule has an exception when it comes to the College of Humanities & Social Science, Education & Theology and, Agriculture & Rural Development. That is to say, majors from any of these exceptional colleges can minor with disciplines from the other.

Eg.       Major                          Minor

                  Agriculture                            Economics
                  Management                         Education
                  Theology                                 Management 
                  Sociology                                 Rural Development

Note that the vice versa applies for all the given examples.