Student's Residential Life

Cuttington University recognizes the need to provide adequate facilities for living as we are aware of the fact that most students come from far distances like Monrovia, Harbel and even as far as Maryland and other African nations.
It is necessary to take into serious considerations the effect long distance can have on these students. Because, if taken for granted, it could have effects of adverse consequences on every aspect of their life, be it socially and most important, academically.

Therefore, facilities for living on campus are within the nearest possible proximity from the actual areas of learning like the classrooms, library and bookstore including the bank. Dormitory facilities are equipped with electricity, and comfortable first hand facilities for showering and other purposes.
Some students might not have the chance to live on the dorms, or might not like the idea, yet, there are still areas within the radius of Cuttington that are provided by locals at affordable prices. Students who intend to live off campus can consult with other students regarding information of this respect.
But mostly, the areas of likely residential interests would be “Phebe Island”, “Goll Farm”, “Bassa Town”, “Phebe Airstrip” and “Plato Town”.